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Hunting Blinds

Love to hunt, but hate the hassles of bitter cold, rain, or snow? Tired of tree stands or homemade shelters that leak or don't provide enough protection from the elements? Stay high, dry, and ready for action with a hunting blind from PineTree Woodworks!

Hunting Blind Features & Options

Built with hunters in mind these rugged shelters are designed with loads of standard features including:

○ Pressure treated joists and plywood floor
○ 6’x 6′ interior height
○ Heavy duty rubber roof
○ LP Smart panel exterior
○ Painted interior, exterior & bottom of floor
○ 36″ x 60″ door with window & lockable latch
○ Silent framed tinted windows (no plexiglass) very quiet to open
○ Standard window size in 4’x 4′ blinds, 36″wide x 24″ high, vertical slider
○ Standard window size in 5’x 5′ & 6’x6′ blinds, 48″wide x 24″ high, vertical slider

Available with or without a tower stand for additional height, our hunting blinds are easy to setup with just 2 people.

Want larger windows, a tower stand, or adjustable height chair? Upgrade your hunting blind with a variety of options including:
○ Bigger window
○ 48″x 32″ Vertical slider
○ 48″x 32″ Horizontal slider
○ Adjustable height office chair
○ 6′ pressure treated tower stand
○ 8′ pressure treated tower stand
○ 10′ pressure treated tower stand
○ 12′ pressure treated tower stand
○ Painted tower stands
○ 8″ metal tower stand
○ 3″ extension for metal tower stand
○ 4″x 4″ brackets
○ Pressure treated 4″x 4″ & 2″x 4″ braces
○ Exterior hardware
○ 4 anchors
vertical slider window 24″x24″ | Vertical Slider
36″x24″ | Vertical Slider
42″x32″ | Horizontal Slider
42″x24″ | Horizontal Window
30″x60″ | Hunting Blind Door

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We currently have dealers for our PineTree Woodworks storage buildings in five different states across the Midwest region! Find a dealer near you to get your own shed, garage, or hunting blind! Interested in becoming a dealer? Fill out our form today to get started!

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